The human body and its design is an art in itself. That is why at SAI WORKS we don’t force the human body to fit the machine; we design the Gym Instruments around the human body. Each new design is created according to the natural biomechanical movements of the muscles and joints involved in the exercise. All SANSAI Fitness Equipment is designed and manufactured to offer maximum length of service with minimal maintenance.

On request, We can provide complete designs of Gym Floor for commercial fitness centers and home fitness who want to setup a gym. Floor plans are drawn on AutoCAD to assist the gym owner to arrange the gym equipment in the room and determining how much equipment can be placed in the room for safe workout. Mail Us ( for a free consultation to discuss how to setup gym (Personal Gym, Professional Gym). We will provide you equipment specifications, catalogue and equipment prices to assist purchase decisions. Services provided are: Fitness & Sports Equipments, Equipment Planning, Equipment Selection, Cheap Equipment for Home Exercise, Room Layout and Design.