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Machine Name . Pec Fly - Rear Deltoids .


Specification :

Height - 75” (190 cm)

Width - 46” (117 cm)

Length - 40” (102 cm)

Wt. Stack – 150 Lbs. (68 Kg)

Muscle Trained :

Pectoralis Major.

Rear Deltoids.

Middle Trapezius.


Effective and efficient combining two popular exercise machine into one machine save space, time and money. Easy to adjust makes the changes from Pec Fly to Rear Deltoids machine a fast & painless one. Two Machine in one (Pec Fly, Rear Deltoid Machine) Effectively isolates chest muscles and rear deltoids and upper back muscles. Incorporate range of motion limiter to adjust starting position. Hydrolic seat adjustment for easy and ensures proper position. Unilateral operation for balanced strength development Range of motion adjustment for optimal pre-stretch Handles pivot to accommodate arm length Easy seat height adjustment All adjustment and weight stack easily accessible from seated position.

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