Leg Press - Hack Squat

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Machine Name . Leg Press - Hack Squat .


Specification :

Height - 52” (132 cm)

Width - 50” (127 cm)

Length - 65” (165 cm)

Muscle Trained :


Gluteus Maximus.




Effective and efficient combining two popular leg exercises into one machine save space, time and money, easy to adjust changes from Leg Press to Hack Squat a fast & painless one. Utilized a linear bearing system for ultra-smooth and quite operation Adjustable back pad and head support. Weight storage rack built onto frame Ergonomic seat design protects lower back. Straight back seat option available, the unit will allow maximum load of 1000 lbs. (454 kg) of plates. Large footplate for variable foot positioning Range of motion and safety stop adjustment Optional weight storage horns.

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