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Machine Name . Abdominal - Back Extension .


Specification :

Height - 61” (155 cm) Width - 44” (112 cm) Length - 42” (107 cm) Wt. Stack – 150 Lbs.(68 Kg)

Muscle Trained: •Obliquus Abdminis Externus • Recus Abdominis
Muscle Trained: Erector Spinea. Gluteus. Hip Flexors.

Effective and efficient combining two popular exercise machine into one machine save space, time and money. Easy to adjust makes the changes from abdominal crunch to back extension machine a fast & painless one. Two Machine in one (Abdominal Crunch, Back Extension) Incorporate range of motion limiter to adjust starting position. A strong functional torso requires a well defined abdominals and lower back A successful workout of these complex muscle groups demands a routine built upon foundation of consistency Ab Crunch back extension features a unique rotation position that provides correct, crunch style movement for maximum abdominal contraction.

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